Social Atlas - Steirische Eisenstraße

Book publication
"Keep the ball rolling" is the first Austrian social festival with the aim to realize ideas for strengthening social togetherness. Emigration and aging popultion, economic and societal change - those are only some of the challenges that have to be faced by the inhabitants of the Steirische Eisenstraße.
What should be done locally according to the affected population? And how to address those challenges?
The social atlas Steirische Eisenstraße provides answers through 68 projects that have been developed in the course of the social festival "Keep the ball rolling". The ideas and visions for improving life quality and societal participation are examples of a sense of responsibility, individual initiative and creative dealing with local knowledge in the corresponding social and spatial environment, that can be examples for other locations and regions. Beyond, the underlying challenges of the region are depicted from perspectives of social geography, sociology and poverty research.

The book which was co-written by Prof. Andreas Koch is available here.

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