Energy and social Injustice

The anthology presents the current status of energy poverty, energy policy and social injustice and analyses basic coherences and determinants between Germany and Europe. Since years, and not only in the course of energy transition, energy prices of private households in Germany have rised. This development concernes different social groups in different ways, what on the other hand is varyingly strong absorbed by the welfare state. But it is thanks to the persistent debate on rising electricity prices in the course of energy transition in Germany that  topics such as energy poverty and cost burden arouse the public's interest. At the same time it becomes clear that until recently scientific study of interdependencies between energy systems and social injustice in Germany had been a underexposed research area with just a little pioneering work. The aim of the anthology is to present the scientific work of the last years and their findings.

Großmann K., Schaffrin A. & Smigiel C. (Eds.) (2016): Energie und soziale Ungleichheit. Zur gesellschaftlichen Dimension der Energiewende in Deutschland und Europa. Wiesbaden, Springer.




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