Announcement: Scientific Talks by Geographers of the University of Salzburg at the British Conference for Geographers

At the Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, from Tuesday 28.August to Friday 31.August.2018 in Cardiff with the theme "Geographical landscapes/changing landscapes of geography", Geographers of the Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg will give scientifc lectures.


"Conceptualizing and decoding short-term rentals in times of digital capitalism"

Thursday, 30.08.2018, Session 4 (16:50 - 18:30)

Angela Hof and Christian Smigiel form the chair and the discussion leader of Session 4. 

"Understanding the uneven landscapes of smart cities"

Friday, 31.08.2018, Session 3 (14:40 - 16:20)

Christian Smigiel participates as a scientific lecturer at the conference to the Topic "Deconstructing urban political strategies: a multiscalar perspective on smart cities in Austria and Italy". The lecture examines how smart city strategies are institutionalized, combined with and embedded at different spatial scales by using the Austrian and Italian case as a point of view.

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