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Date of birth:   June 6, 1938

Place of birth:  Donaueschingen, Germany


1944-1957      School. Donaueschingen, Germany.

1957-1962      University of Freiburg, Germany: Geography, History, Political Science. In 1961, awarded a degree in Political Science (Politikum)

1958              University of Kiel, Germany. Studies in Geography and Geology

1962-1963      Université de Fribourg, Switzerland.

1964              Doctorate in Geography with minors in Medieval History and Modern French Literature Degree:"Magna cum laude"
                     Thesis topic: "Beirut, Damascus and Aleppo - a Comparative Urban Geography of the Middle East" (translated from German)

Academic Career

1962-1964      Regional secretary of the International Movement of Christian Students (PAX ROMANA) for the Middle East and Europe
                     at the General Secretariat in Fribourg, Switzerland.

1964-1967     Teacher at the International College ‘Le Rosey’ in Rolle/Gstaad, Switzerland.

1967-1988     Teacher at Hillfield College, Hamilton, Ontario Lecturer (1968-69);
                    Assistant Professor (1969-74);
                    Associate Professor (1974-82);
                    Professor (1982-92) of the Department of Geography, Brandon University, Canada.
                    Chairman of the Department (1976-1981, 1987)
1990             Guest Professor, Department of Geography, University of Salzburg, Austria.

1990             Guest Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Bern, Switzerland.

1992-2004     Professor, Department of Geography, University of Salzburg, Austria.

1998-1999     Chairman, Department of Geography and Geoinformation, University of Salzburg Austria

2004-            Professor Emeritus, University of Salzburg, Austria


1) Österreichische Geographische Gesellschaft (ÖGG)

2) International Mountain Society, Founding Member (IMS)

3) Corresponding Member International Geographical Union, Commission on Mountain Geoecology and Sustainable Development

4) Sociedad de Ciencias Geográficas def Ecuador (Corresponding Member and Canadian Representative)

5) Gesellschaft für Kanada-Studien (GKS).

6) Canadian Association of Geographers

7) Mountain Protected Areas Network of the IUCN (Corresponding Member)

8) Asociación Andina

Honours and Awards

1971   Certificate of Merit, 22nd International Geographical Congress

1986   Honorary Member, Sociedad de Ciencias Geográficas del Ecuador

1986   Corresponding member, Corporación Ambiente y Desarrollo, Ecuador

1988   ‘20/20 Celebration Award’, Canadian Agency for International Development (CIDA)

1989   Service Award, Manitoba Council for International Cooperation

1989   Brandon University Award for Research Excellence

1996   ‘Vin d’ Honneur’, Society for Canadian Studies, Grainau, Germany

1997   ´Vin d´Honneur´, Society for Canadian Studies, Beilngries, Germany.

1998   ´Vin d´Honneur´, Society for Canadian Studies, Grainau, Germany.

1998   60th Anniversary Colloquium in honor of C. Stadel, Salzburg, Austria.

2000   ´Vin d´ Honneur´, Society for Canadian Studies, Grainau, Germany

2004   Establishment of a ‘Christoph Stadel Professor of Human Geography Chair’ at Brandon University, Canada

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