German Geographical Congress


Session: What is the contribution of spatial concepts in research on poverty and inequality?

The session focuses on the contribution of spatial concepts in measuring and understanding poverty and inequality.

Chairs:  Nadine Marquardt (Bonn), Andreas Koch (Salzburg)


Session: Rural peripheries in Europe in transition

Talk by Andreas Koch: The meaning of eHealth services to preserve personal well-being and regional-economic empowerment in the Northern Swedish municipality of Storuman.


Session: neighbourhood(s) in transition

Talk by Andreas Koch: Self-conception and expectation of ‘artificial’ urban neighbourhoods.

"German Congress for Geography 2019" in Kiel

- Session leaders L2-FS-051.1, 29.9., 8:30 - 10:00 am. : "City │ Tourism Critically Questioned - Repression, Expropriation and Resistance - Part 1: New Concepts and Projects"

- Lecture in the subject session L2-FS-045.2, 28.9., 10:30 -12:00 am. : "Bringing the state back in: The case" Smart City "

New research project:

"Micro Study on the Effects of Short-Term Rentals in the City of Salzburg" (Sponsor City Salzburg: funding period 2018-2019)  

Building on the investigation of short-term leases in Salzburg (SBGAirbnb) for the Austrian Federation of Cities (06 / 2018-1 / 2019), the current research project investigates the concrete effects of short-term lettings in central Salzburg districts. Specifically, socio-spatial effects and especially the perception of the neighborhood are explored. The following research questions will be examined: 1) How does the short-term rental of apartments affect the neighborhood? 2.) Which everyday world changes are named by the different actors on the ground? 3.) Which conflict forms and negotiations of conflicts exist?

Announcement: New book chapter by Andreas Koch

A new publication by Andreas Koch has recently been released as a book chapter entitled: 

"Generating Reality with Geosimulation Models: An Agent-Based Social-Spatial Network Modelling Perspective" .

The book's title is "Spatial Analysis, Modelling and Planning" and published by IntechOpen publisher.

The publication is open access and available here

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